Frequently Asked Questions

Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
If you need to come in to the office, please make an appointment. Orion Management LLC is located at 10880 Hess Drive La Mesa, CA 91941.
For General Office Calls, dial (619) 749-6270. Our Fax number is (619) 342-2615.

How do I view a home?

We have made it easy and convenient for you to view the property of your choice! There’s no need to make an appointment and you can view the homes you love on your schedule at your convenience with no pressure and plenty of time to explore all of the amenities! The steps to view a home are simple:

1) Choose the home you’re interested in from the Available Properties.
2) Fill out the Key Request Application (there is no charge to request a key). This gives us basic information about you so we know who is viewing our properties. We will use this information to verify your identity and ensure that our key is in good hands.  Be sure to list current contact information for fast response.

3) Once your request is submitted, our office will contact you with the lock box access code and to get a general idea of the time and date you will view the property to ensure you have privacy to make your decision. If your office doesn’t contact you within 24 hours of submission, please call us and ensure we have relieved your request and contact information.

When you are finished viewing a property, be sure to shut and lock any doors or windows you’ve opened and turn off any lights you turn on to conserve energy. Be sure to return the key to the lock box when you are finished viewing the property.

How do I apply for a rental?

You must view a property prior to application.If you like what you see, you can move forward in the selection process by filling out our Rental Application. You can also print the application to mail or bring in to our office, or make an appointment to come in to our office and apply. Each adult (over 18 years of age) must fill out a separate rental application. This includes co-applicants who are married. There is a non-refundable $25.00 application fee per adult. This includes the cost of a credit report. and application processing. You can visit our Application Payment section to pay your application fee online through a secure system.

What is Pre-Qualification?

Many of our homes never make it to our available properties list. We have a high demand for the high level of service and quality of properties we have a reputation for upholding. Many applicants choose to Pre-Qualify for rental. If you aren’t interested in the properties we have available or the property you are interested in is listed as “Available Soon,” you can complete the application process and as soon as a property that meets your needs is available, you will be offered the chance to move in. This procedure makes it easy for you to browse at your leisure and take the time to select the perfect home!

How do I qualify for a rental?

Thank you for your interest in an Orion Management LLC home! We are proud of our high level of quality, and we know you will be too. Our qualification requirements for tenants are simple and fair. Requirements are as follows:

- Favorable credit history
- Stable employment history
- Meet income requirements for selected property (usually 2 1/2 times rent)
- Positive references from previous landlordsApplicants who do not meet these initial qualifying standards may still be considered if alternate requirements are met. These requirements include:
- Additional deposit
- Pre-paid rent
- Application co-signers

No credit or bad credit will NOT disqualify you from renting a home.

We are committed to providing professional service and equal opportunity to all applicants regardless of race, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, disability, or family status.

How long does the application process take?

Homes that are “READY NOW” -- Applications for “Ready Now” homes are usually processed within 24 hours of receipt of Rental Application and Application Payment.  Factors that affect the processing time are accurate reference and employment contact information, complete and accurate personal information, and prompt responses from all references.  Extenuating circumstances do arise on rare occasion.

IMPORTANT: Once approved, applicants have 36 hours to sign your Rental Lease Agreement and pay the Security Deposit in full or Orion Management LLC reserves the right to extend a rental offer to the next qualified applicant.

Homes that are “AVAILABLE SOON” -- Applications for “Available Soon” homes are usually processed within 2 business days.  Applicants who are approved for rental will be required to sign a Rental Lease Agreement and pay the Security Deposit prior to move-in.  In some cases, depending on the availability and number of applicants, a Holding Deposit may be required to reserve the rights to rent an “Available Soon” home.

We make it easy and convenient for you to apply for our homes. The entire application process, from viewing to approval, can be completed online. The only time you have to meet with us is when you are ready to sign your Rental Lease Agreement and move in!

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit for rentals through Orion Management LLC is usually equal to the monthly rent payment.  This deposit may be increased when working out arrangements with applicants who do not meet our initial qualifying credit requirements.

What is the pet policy?

Acceptable pets are all pets considered to be ordinary and domesticated (i.e. cats, dogs, etc.). A Pet Deposit of $250 is required prior to move-in and an addition $25 per month will be added to the rent. We do have a policy regarding pets considered by our insurance company to be “uninsurable.”

This policy states that Orion Management LLC will not allow “dangerous” or “Vicious” breeds  (including but not limited to Dalmatians, Boxers, Presa Canario, Malamutes, Huskies, Chow Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, German Shepherds, Akitas, Bull Dogs, Mastiffs, Great Danes, any wolf cross breed, any dog with mixed bloodline including the banned breeds, and any breed considered comparable to those listed), nor will we allow any pet deemed to have displayed aggressive behavior. We reserve the right to decline any pet at any time at our discretion.